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Below are various referral links that we’ve personally curated, which will give you FREE money, stocks, etc. when you click the link and sign up to the respective site. Over $2,000 in free money/stocks is available below. You must use the links below and follow the steps (i.e.: deposit a minimum amount when called for) in order to qualify. These promotional offers are subject to change without notice.

Part of being an investor, and entrepreneur in general, is working smarter, not harder. So we’ve included some of the apps/sites we personally use to help give you a starting point if you’re having a tough time deciding what services to use. And once you’re signed up, you can then refer friends and family using your very own link to help them, and receive even more rewards.

Don’t leave anything on the table.
What you leave on the table, you leave for someone else to eat.


Remaining hungry is one of the secrets to success! Think of the below free offers for stocks and cash as you would dividend payments from stocks, or 401K employer matches. No one dividend payment or employer match is going to make you rich, but together, and over time, they can become substantial. Work smarter, not harder. The best money is free money; so take that free money and invest it. Don't be too busy or too good to take advantage of the offers below.

Stocks and Options

Below are some stock and options trading platforms that you can use to get started with trading and investing. A lot of these are great because they will give you free stocks/money, just for signing up.

Public - Sign up using this link (or referral code InvestWithFFI) and fund your account with any amount, and we’ll both receive a free stock of your choice (valued up to $1,000) - seriously, we received $688 in free stock just from one person signing up before. Best for “following” other investors and their investment portfolios. If you follow someone, you can see what they have purchased, how much of it they own, and what they have sold. Think of it as, Twitter meets the Stock Market.

Robinhood - Sign up using this link, and we’ll both earn a free stock. Best for stock market beginners because of the easy to understand user interface.

Webull - Sign up using this link and deposit at least $100, and we’ll both earn 2-6 free stocks (worth up to $1,200). Best for free stocks and researching stocks.

M1 Finance - Sign up using this link and fund your account with $100 or more, and we’ll both receive $50 to invest. Best for long-term buy & hold investment strategies. Also great for automated investing.

SoFi - Sign up using this link and fund your account with $10 or more, and we’ll both get $25 in stock. They also give you a free $10 in Bitcoin when you purchase at least $10 of any Cryptocurrency. Best for early access to IPOs.

Ally Bank/Invest - Best for automated investing and other online banking options, such as “high-yield” savings accounts and interest earning checking accounts. (referral promotion temporarily on hold, but still a great option to use)


Below are some Cryptocurrency platforms that faciliate the purchase and ownership of Crypto.

Coinbase - Sign up using this link, and we’ll both get $10 when you buy $100 worth of Crypto. Best for Crypto beginners. Once you complete your first purchase on Coinbase, we recommend downloading Coinbase Pro before purchasing anymore Crypto on Coinbase.

Gemini - Sign up using this link, and buy $100 worth of Crypto within the first 30 days of signing up, and we’ll both receive $10 of free Bitcoin. Earn 7.4% interest on your Crypto. Best for recurring Crypto purchases.

Backflip Real Estate Investing App

Need help analyzing deals to see if they are really a good deal or not? Need to find funding for a deal that you've already found?

The Backflip property analyzer app, which you can download here, has all of this in one. Enter an address and it will provide you with comps, loan options, ARV, estimated profit, etc. It's super easy to use and if you use them to fund your deal, you'll receive $500 toward your closing costs.


Need a handyman? If you are looking to hire a professional, consider signing up to Thumbtack here, and receive a $50 credit toward your next project. They have a ton of professionals in every category you can imagine including painting, moving services, cleaning, junk removal, pressure washing, and organizing. We use them for plumbing services, drywall repair, and cleaning at our rental properties.

Warranty Your Properties

To ensure our personal and rental properties are covered in case an unexpected repair is needed, such as a water heater bursting or an A/C unit failing, we cover our properties using an American Home Shield warranty.

Sign up for a property plan using our link and receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

Become a MD Real Estate Agent 

Step one to become a Realtor is to complete 60 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education. Classrooms can be inconvenient and life gets busy, by learning online, you can access your course whenever you want, and wherever you are.

The CE Shop - Get a $25 gift card when you buy a 60-Hour MD Pre-Licensing package at The CE Shop using this link to make your purchase. Most packages will refund your money if you don’t pass the exam, so you have nothing to lose. Just Start.

Send & Receive Money

These are the main two processors we use to send and receive money.

Cash - Get $5 when you sign up using this link. Cash also allows you to trade stocks and cryptocurrency.

Venmo - Get $5 when you sign up using this link and send $5 to anyone.

Zelle is another platform that we sometimes use and it not only has it's own app, but it's also integrated into a lot of bank apps as well.

Chase Freedom Credit Cards 

In our opinion, the Chase Freedom Flex Credit Card is one of the best NO ANNUAL FEE credit cards that are available right now. Credit cards, when used responsibly, can be a very useful part of your credit journey, especially as an entrepreneur running a business. We responsibly use our credit cards and that has led to an 800+ credit score.

When you apply for this credit card using this link, you can receive:

  • $200 cash back sign-up bonus

  • 5% cash back on grocery store purchases in the first year

  • 5% cash back on revolving categories, such as online purchases, gas, streaming services, home improvement stores, and cable/internet/phone bills.

  • 5% cash back on travel purchased through the Chase portal

  • 3% cash back on dining at restaurants

  • 3% at drugstores

  • And so much more

Alternatively, you can apply for our favorite card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, using this link. It comes with a higher spending limit and more perks, but is a little tougher to qualify for.

Rakuten Rewards (formerly Ebates)

Sign up here for Rakuten, and earn $30 immediately.

How does it work? You shop at your favorite stores, as usual, and you get paid cash back for buying items that you were going to buy anyway. It’s really that simple.

Open the Rakuten website or app, and search for any store (for example: Amazon, Target, Crate&Barrel, Macy’s, etc.) . Once you find the store you want to shop at, click “shop now'“. Buy your items. Get paid by PayPal deposit or receive a physical check in the mail.

Anytime you’re going to do ANY shopping online, start with Rakuten. There is no limit to the cash back you can earn.


“It’s not what you have, it’s what you can keep.”

We use Simplisafe at our properties to protect from invasion and theft. Sign up using this link, and receive a free camera when you order your Simplisafe alarm system.


Ever thought of listing your place on Airbnb?

Become a host on Airbnb using our link, and receive $40 when you list your property on Airbnb and complete your first stay.

YouTube TV 

Been thinking of cutting the cord with Comcast Xfinity or Verizon Fios?

YouTube TV makes it very easy to do so, without compromising on anything. This is one of the best decisions that we've made in a long time. There are no box rental fees. It comes with unlimited DVR recording. It works on any TV and can even travel with you, unlike regular cable. And most importantly, it's cheaper by almot 50%. Get a FREE trial and $10 off your first bill when you sign up using our link.