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We help people learn how to make, save, and invest money. We aim to increase the education & proficiency of investing, ownership, and entrepreneurship as a means to achieve financial freedom.

Our methods


We Host

Book The Brick House, our short-term & medium-term rental property. You can also 'shop the look' and recreate this in your own property.

We Coach

If you would benefit from having a mentor walk you through the basics of investing, consider signing up for our coaching and mentorship program.

We Consult

Schedule a 'Pick My Brain' consultation session with our CEO. In one session, we can save you thousands of dollars and years of struggle, using all of our expertise, knowledge, resources, and connections.

We Rent

If you'd like to rent one of our properties, check out what we have available, and please contact us to apply.

We Buy

If you have a property for sale, please send us the details. We are prepared to beat any offer you currently have and we buy properties in ANY condition.

We Sell

If you are looking to purchase a primary residence or rental property, take a look at what we have for sale. Also, if you need a realtor to help you sell a property, look no further.


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Baltimore-grown business with a focus on real estate investing and a commitment to mentorship and giving back to the community.


We are an investment company with over 10 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of assets.


We combine our knowledge in several areas including, but not limited to, the overall economy; the stock market; investing philosophies; business principles; and real estate strategies in order to provide quality and affordable housing to people in the Baltimore, Maryland, DC, and VA areas.

We also mentor and coach other investors and entrepreneurs as they educate themselves on investments of all types (real estate, stocks, crypto, business, etc.).

In short, we're your one stop shop for all your investment needs.

Learn More About Our Story

Learn To Purchase Your First Home, Start a Business, Make Passive Income, Save Money on Taxes, Invest in Real Estate and Stocks, Improve Your Credit, Manage Your Personal Finances, and So Much More.


Have you always wanted to become an investor or entrepreneur? Are you interested in real estate or the stock market? Do you need a mentor? Could you benefit from multiple streams of income?

We will walk you through purchasing your first or next property. We can also help you learn the basics of investing in the stock or crypto market, as well as starting or running a million dollar business.

When it comes to making, saving, or investing money we've got you covered.


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