Pick My Brain

We invest in property, but we know our true value lies in our people.


Mission and Community Impact

We believe in the power, necessity, and importance of investing, as it serves as one of the greatest opportunities that we all have to shape our lifestyles. Money makes the world go ‘round and, unfortunately, income is one of the most important determinants of a person’s ability to control their well-being & positively influence the well-being of their loved ones. This is why descendants of generational wealth have a huge head-start in life, and those who do not come from the same fortunate circumstances often face an uphill battle just to get to a level playing field. Level of income shapes overall living conditions, affects psychological functioning, and influences health. This is why we focus on investing; not for greed, but out of love for ourselves and others.

More valuable than money is time. That’s why we also believe that it is the freedom from worry, surrounding money, that affords people the opportunity to invest their time where and how they best see fit. For some it means traveling the world and learning new things, for some it means more time with family, for some it means early retirement, and for others it means increased volunteering and activism. We encourage you to find out what it means to you.

We are a Black-owned business that supports and advocates for the advancement, equality, and human rights of all people, no matter the color of their skin; what their sex is; who they choose to love; what religion they practice; or how they identify. We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.

We believe that everything is an investment and encourage others to view life through the same lens. Hanging out with a friend on the weekend is an investment of time into a friendship, donating to a cause you care about is an investment of money into something that will pay dividends for a long time; and how you invest your time and money indicate and reflect what your values are. This is why we are committed to investing locally in businesses and people. Additionally, renters are more vulnerable to displacement as their communities gentrify, and unlike owners, they reap none of the rewards that rising home prices and rents can bestow. We are committed to teaching investment and ownership to underserved populations as the tools needed to shape their communities and change their lives.


The inspiration behind the formation of the company, and as evident in the naming of the company, was to create a replicable business model that would allow for the greater things in life to be enjoyed, such as time spent with family, traveling, education, and more. The company was created as a method to teach and emphasize the importance of investing, in general, such as with the stock market, but especially in alternative investments, such as real estate.


One of the long term goals of the company is to use the information and lessons learned to spread knowledge on ownership, business, and investing. As the company works toward increasing its passive income (from rentals) to surpass the active investing (fix and flips), a training and mentorship program has launched and will continue to undergo refinements to teach others how to achieve the same success.

The property related goals for the company are to acquire and retain at least two multi-family properties in 2023, at least one small apartment complex in 2024, and finally at least one out of state short-term rental by 2025. However, we remain open to all opportunities that may come our way, including opportunities to partner with other investors.